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Who we are: Avventurasail organizes cruises to the Aeolian Islands on private sailing boats with expert skippers

Who we are

Avventurasail.com organizes sailing cruises with skipper, offering a unique experience aboard an elegant private sailing boat of thirteen and a half meters (44 feet), dedicated to a maximum of four guests in addition to the skipper.

holidays with Avventurasail are ideal for couples, families with children and small groups of friends, who don't want to share spaces with strangers.

we organize privately and we are not a profit-only company. Our goal is also to share our philosophy about life at sea and sailing.

A beautiful summer sailing

Who do we address?

We cater to lovers of intimacy and contemplation, to curious travellers, longing for sun, sea and healthy entertainment.

Please note: the "alcoholic fiesta" and "to be high at all costs" groups are not for us!

Atmospheres of the Aeolian Islands experienced from the sea

It will be an unforgettable cruise, an adventure dedicated to exploration and discovery, contact with nature and relaxation.

Do you share this approach? then don't risk it and listen to some advice: organize your holidays with us!!!

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